How to write for NCR

Before you pitch:

  • Has NCR written about it before? Check out what we have already covered. Use the search function on our site, or Google: [your topic]
  • Pitch first before you report your story or write your commentary. We could already have a reporter working on the story, or a columnist writing about the same topic. We don't want you to waste your time.
  • We do not accept material that has appeared elsewhere or that has been submitted elsewhere for publication.
  • If you work for the organization you're writing about, or are paid to promote its efforts, you'll need to pitch the story elsewhere.
  • Most pitches will receive a response within two weeks.

How to pitch:

  • Send all pitches to:
  • Explain clearly what you want to write about and why, with a lead paragraph or nut paragraph of what the story would be about.
  • Explain why NCR – and not another publication – should run this story or commentary.
  • We're a newspaper not an academic journal, so write accordingly. Keep in mind that you are writing for a broad global audience. Don't use jargon. Use current events as a stepping point to make your larger point. Some resources: Sacred Writes and The OpEd Project.
  • If you haven't written for us before, send a resume and sample articles (PDFs or URLs).
  • Any outside expenses expected to be reimbursed by NCR, such as travel or parking, should first be cleared with the assigning editor.

How to pitch a news/feature story:

  • Sketch out the sources and research you will use. We encourage sources that reflect diversity in gender, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic background, age, geography, etc.
  • Tell us how many words you think you will need to write your story. News and features typically run 1,000-1,200 words. Tell us when we could expect your story to be done, or the deadline.

How to pitch a commentary:

  • Commentaries on "hot news" topics, such as the presidential election or the tragedy of the latest natural disaster, war or terrorist attack, probably won't be accepted unless you have a truly unique angle on the subject or are a noted expert. We can only run so many.
  • Tell us how many words you think you will need to write your commentary. Generally, commentaries are 700-1,200 words long. Tell us when we could expect your commentary to be done, or the deadline.
  • We do not publish poetry or fiction.
  • Pitches for commentaries focused on a seasonal event (Christmas, Easter, Advent, Lent, etc.) or the anniversary of an historical event, should be submitted a minimum of four weeks in advance.

How to pitch to EarthBeat:

How to pitch a book review:

  • We assign book reviews. We do not publish unsolicited book reviews. 
  • We do not review fiction, poetry, anthologies or self-published books. 
  • If you are interested in being added to our roster of book reviewers, please send your resume and clips of published book reviews to
  • If you are a book publisher looking to pitch a book to be considered, please send your press release to